Height: 16 metres

Longitude: 20.5387875070

Latitude : 39.2336412341

Geographical location:Epirus

Old designation: Mesopotamos


Invited to this journey, let me mentally travel you with images and information into a split-up like Ariadni’s thread rolled up in myth, Ancient Greece, byzantine buildings , holy worships, countries, villages, theendlessness sea, the nature itself that calls you to browse it.

With love and the overseer’s (Xenios Zeus) obligation, i welcome you.

The President of Mesopotamos,

Thomas Panousis

Our village

The 500 residents of mesopotamos are living in a beautiful village 46 km northwest of preveza town, in parga’s municipality, in Epirus district.

The old village of mesopotamos, likoursi has 4 chaples, Saint-George’s, Saint-Charalampos,Saint Kosma’s and the Holy Mary’s chaple and its located really close to the today’s village.The village of mesopotamos has to 2 beautiful and unique ancient monuments, the central Saint John’s chaple which is the one the officialy does the church service, the village of mesopotamos disperses into the vertil valley of fanari and welcomes you to recount its, and its place history.

Inside the village there is an EMT service, from 2018. Also there is a clinic, that works once a week, a pharmacy,a kindergarten and elementary school,a playground, a football court, 3 mini-markets,a post office,a bakery, cafeterias,dining areas and rooms to let, available 365 days a year.

Source of photography


The point of the location is road and transport junction as the roads leading to Mesopotamos are Egnatia and Amvrakia road.

Air support :

  • Aktion Airport 55 km.
  • Airport of Ioannina 75 km.  
  • Corfu airport 90 km.
  • Kefalonia airport 100 km.
  • Thessaloniki airport 330 km.

By sea:

  • From the port of Igoumenitsa which is an entrance gate for Europian and Balkan countries.

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